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Master Distributors of Stainless Steel & Non-Ferrous Fasteners and All Types of Metric Fasteners

NEW FOR 2013

In-House Facilities:


• Fully Threaded


• Thread Both Ends (TBE) or Double Ended


• Thread One End (TOE)


• A193 First Thread to First Thread


• B8 & B8M


• 45° angle and 90° (Chisel Point) angles


• Imperial/Inch & Metric sizes


• Stainless steel, non-ferrous and carbon steel


• Full traceability (Mill Test Reports available)


• Professional end-stamping & chamfering

  • Thread cutting (Class 2A thread)
  • Part thread, full thread
  • Coarse thread, fine thread
  • Continuous thread, chased thread, extended thread & "skip" thread
  • Threads cut oversize or undersize if required
  • In-house supply of un-threaded bolts ("Blanks") and Round Bar in various materials for quick turnaround time and customization
Parts Cleaning
  • All of our studs and modified bolts are cleaned in a non-hazardous "green" system that uses bioremediation to digest any oil, grease or lubricant residues on parts, that is safe for use on all metals


New Product Lines In Stock

T316 Stainless Steel

ASTM A193 B8M Threaded Rod (1/4-20 dia to 1-3/4-5 dia)
ASTM A193 B8M Class 1 Heavy Hex Head Bolts
ASTM A194 GR8M Heavy Hex Nuts (3/8-16 to 1-1/2-6)
Acorn Cap Nuts - Large Diameter (Available April 2013)
316L Low Carbon Flat Washers
316L Low Carbon Finished Hex Nuts
Drop-In Anchors (Available Feb. 2013)
Wedge Anchors (Available Feb. 2013)
Slotted Nuts - Finished Hex (Available March 2013)

18-8 Stainless Steel

ASTM A194 GR. 8 Heavy Strain Hardened CL.2 Nuts

(Available April 2013)

Slotted Nuts - Finished Hex (Available March 2013)
ASTM A194 GR.8 Heavy Hex Nuts (3/8-16 to 1-1/2-6)
Drop-In Anchors (Available Feb. 2013)
Thread Cutting Screws 'Deck' Type 17
Dowel Pins (303 Stainless Steel)
Slotted Nuts - Finished Hex

400 Series Stainless

Finished Hex Nuts 410SS
Flat Phillips Self Drilling Screws 410H
Spring Pins 420H


Nylon Insert Locknuts


ASTM A193 B7 Threaded Rod (5/8-11 dia to 1-1/4-7 dia)
ASTM A194 2H Heavy Hex Nuts (5/8-11 to 1-1/4-7)

Ni-Cu Alloy

Bolt Size Flatwashers
Finished Hex Nuts

Metric A2 Stainless Steel

Metric Round Bar (Turned, Ground & Polished)
DIN 433 Small O.D. Flatwashers
K-Lock Nuts
ISO 7379 Socket Shoulder Screws
DIN 7 Dowel Pins (A1 Stainless Steel)
DIN 1481 Spring Pin

Metric Steel

DIN 934 Hex Nuts - Hot Dip Galvanized - Tapped Oversize

(Available March 2013)

DIN 982 Class 8 Nylon Insert Locknuts - High Type